Paralegal Schools, Southern States


The Southern States, Sophisticated Lifestyles – at a Slower Pace

Map of the US showing the southern states in purple

The United States was divided into four major regions by the Census Bureau, as shown in the map to the right. The Southern Region consists of 16 states and the District of Columbia (shown in purple), and is is further segregated into the following three divisions:

The links for each of the states above opens a page which directs you to various paralegal schools and training programs which have been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), and provides further links to other paralegal training programs which have been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Each of the states’ pages also discusses some of the bar associations within the state, as well as various local paralegal associations. If the research work for the state is not yet completed, the link will open to a Wikipedia page about the state.

Make sure you take advantage of any networking opportunities which may be available to you, as your education is only the means to the end you desire – the optimal job offer. If you have not done anything to set your resume apart from all the other resumes flooding prospective employers, you’re chances of being noticed and hired will be significantly reduced. In this new economy, simply responding to help wanted ads with a resume addressed “To Whom It May Concern” isn’t going to get the job done.

If you should decide to live and work in one of the states that make up the Southern region, you will be able to take in the southern heritage which saturate the cities and towns in the area. That heritage has persisted for many decades, but as time passes it has become diluted in mainstream America as large numbers of Northerners move into the South, and the Hispanic population of the region continues to grow. The Southern way of life has affected the remainder of the United States in much the same manner, however, as the population continues to move within the country.

Historically, agriculture has always been a significant part of the Southern economy, but in recent years a significant amount of industry has been lured to relocated in the South and has begun to supplant that agricultural base.  As  with the Northeastern states, the Southern states offer a wide variety of employment opportunities for the paralegal student and legal assistant, and equally diverse choices for entertainment and domicile – but at a generally slower pace.